The Deepest String

by Albert Lax

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Los atenienses conmemorando el regreso de Teseo a puerto después de no pocas aventuras, la menor de las cuales no fue finar al minotauro, decidieron conservar su nave y por décadas fueron manteniendo y reparando aquel bajel. Cambiando las piezas desgastadas por la broma, una a una, finalmente les asaltó la duda de si el barco que casi un siglo después conservaban era el mismo barco de Teseo o no.

Albert Lax inicia ahora su periplo musical con ‘The Deepest String’ (Hidden Track DIY 2017) y la nave que lo transporta está construida de cientos de restos de naufragios musicales. La brisa del pacífico lo empuja adelante en cortes como Sun Comes Early o en Where She’s Going, o en esa deliciosa coda vocal del tema inicial Yourself. Los horizontes amplios de acústicas y pianos, en aqua alta, inundan los surcos de Getting Dark y Birds. La voz de Lax increíblemente madura para su edad, desprende aromas a los grandes cantantes de los 90 (pienso en Weiland y en Enik), pero sin aquellas estridencias a veces demasiado hedonistas. Lax sabe convencer sin necesidad de exhibirse, recordando a veces al primer Rufus Wainwright (Footseps) o, en los temas más acústicos, desprendiendo un salitre aterciopelado con ecos y vibraciones de Jeff Buckley (Grund). Mención especial merece la producción a cargo de Victor Valiente (Standstill, MiCapitán, Sidonie) que aporta un conocimiento musical oceánico que va desde la psicodelia inglesa al clasicismo rock de los setenta, con un especial mimo por el aparejo vocal y el cuerpo de guitarras entrelazadas con el piano. Pieza a pieza su barco irá mutando con los años, incluso hasta hacerse irreconocible, pero lo que seguro que permanecerá será ese buen gusto, esa timidez nada impostada que se abre suficientemente para dejarnos mecer en su oleaje emocional. Y nos sucede que sin saber exactamente qué nos tiene anclados en esta gran nave musical, nos apetece echarnos a navegar por sus corrientes una y otra vez y dejarnos mecer.

Texto: Ferran Pontón (Egon Soda)


released September 9, 2017


all rights reserved



Albert Lax Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: Yourself
Trying to keep myself away
Is anything you can say?
Nothing, it’s empty but insane
Turn you off and fly

Search your being
and bury your soul
Ask yourself
If you don’t remember your name
Don’t worry about the future
But keep your eyes wide opened

Cause to die you just need to be alive

Yes, guess I’m late again
He’s in a bad mood today
Try to love the one that hurts you most
Always hate the only one that cares

It’s just a bad day don’t you see?
Nothing really matters if you just can breathe
Be scared of being scared
Take a break and carry on

Don’t let the wind stops you anymore
Track Name: Sun Comes Early
Carrying the stones
Bring them inside
Talked to my demons
Don’t want me alive
So hard to choose now
I may take a rest

And sun comes early

Of course everyone
is so sad in the end
We get tired
of playing the game
You doubted it
to make it a mistake

And sun comes early

I may want to stay there
You burned it, now just let it grow

Sun comes early
Night lays near me
And sun came early
Track Name: Something's Destroying My Head
Lovely end
Lone from the moment she left
Escaping from me as a dream

Got to leave, she said
Some things destroying my head
Only me
Dismissed my soul to be free

Everything’s ending to me
Light me up
So I can believe I still feel

Got to see, she’s still
Shining on top of the hill
Burn the skyies, and feel
All those birds leaving the dark
Track Name: Footsteps
Using some radiation
Humans are frustration
She could, she would heal my hands
Lost my only angel

Footsteps releasing my ways
Safe ones are colder
Hearing what she’s about to say
Gets harder every day

She could, she would save my name
Lost my only angel

Clocks that control my sleep
Some gods, are judging me
Mainly I’m proving that I’m real
And keeping her apart
Track Name: Where She's Going
Could anyone keep me a secret?
A definition of a weakness
See what you did to me my princess
Read the story I fell asleep with

Who is knocking on the door now,
when I'm already gone?
She is going where the stars don't fade

Gone crazy he decided
Wrong ways, destructive manners
No winking, not a tear dropped
Found in his face

Who is knocking on the door now,
when I'm already gone?
When all the songs about you are too much small
Next to you, all walls are too much strong

She is going where the stars don't fade
Track Name: Grund
When there’s no turning back
Your life is a regret
The spirit you have left
turns a demon instead

You’ve got no time to wait
No need to stay awake
That morning that you stayed
closed the windows instead

Love got away, turned in grey
And I stayed where I was
Waiting for a mistake to save me

No one really cares
If love can be repaired
If there’s tears in my face
let them escape from my head

Under the light we see shadows around
getting into the ground
for someday being found

How should I leave all the pain
that it’s carrying my name
when you say it again and again

Love got away, turned in grey
and I stayed where I was
waiting for a mistake to save me

Under the light we see shadows around
getting into the ground
for someday being found
Track Name: Colors When It's Raining
You've crossed the line you may have lost too much
It's hanging on the wall the morning light
Laying by my side, the world's waiting to fight

And clouds seem to be painted,
they melt and fall on you
It's colors when it's raining
There's so many answers in me
Yet none of them is true
Cause every song's about you

And on the way on what we just gone mad
We're way too logical we never stand
Lies turning so mean, while guilties keep unseen

Can you make up something new to believe in?
Track Name: Always Gone
There are some ghosts which are dressed in black
They walk along the city feeling fine
But they don't know the lie
That made them shout and cry

Some people think they can be satisfied
With broken dreams, reality is hard
A question keeps them apart:
"Why did she break my heart?"

Always gone

When I'm thinking she is feeling fine
No matter what just keep faced to the void
They're getting old and cold
Still they're not fine at all

Electric lights shine on an orange sky
The night's confused the morning's always tired
The notion of time is gone
A clocked mind a wasted life

Always gone
Track Name: Getting Dark
Her eyes
Her sky
Your trap
Your cloud

Getting near, my head went down
And I'm on my own, and I'm on my own

Seeing clear, as she's far away
But it's getting dark, and it's getting dark
Track Name: Birds
Birds are going high
Are going down,
till they hit the ground

They keep walking on
Straight to the sun
Who will burn their wings

But they don't care
They'll fly across the space
Where no one is meant to be

And they'll slip away
From those hands that won't let them be

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